Director: Jayce Bartok
Writer: Jayce Bartok
Producers: Tiffany Bartok, Patrick Morris, Daniela Schrier Kafshi
Executive Producer: Gill Holland
Co-Producer: Sasha Eden
Starring: Katherine Crockett, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Desmond Richardson, Tamara Tunie, Kohl Sudduth, Jon Rua, Emily Fleischer

Year: 2014

Country of Origin: USA

Who Will Catch You When You Fall?

A famous principal dancer injures her knee and attempts to settle into motherhood only to realize she has no identity without dance, and struggles to return with the help of an equally troubled former company dancer.

Fall To Rise follows Lauren Drake (Katherine Crockett), a famous principal dancer who is let go of her company after an injury. Feeling domesticity was forced upon her after the birth of her first child, Lauren realizes she must do whatever it takes to reclaim her identity as the company’s star. She attends the Gala of the Hudson Dance Company, and runs into a troubled former company member, Sheila Jules (Daphne Rubin-Vega), who left in a cloud of scandal many years before. The two women casually propose to meet again, but soon after, Lauren realizes that Sheila can help her by providing a place to train at an out of the way studio, and care for her child on her journey to reconnect. Meanwhile, Sheila has unresolved issues with Des (Desmond Richardson) the artistic director of HDC, specifically an abortion that Sheila can never come to terms with in spite of the fact that she teaches kids dance and loves her students very much. Sheila sees an opportunity to confront Des and her past through Lauren. Together these two total opposites go on an emotional journey to discover the true meaning of their lives. Around them are Annika (Tamara Tunie), the business savvy executive director of HDC who supports the decision to bring Lauren back to HDC as much for the money as for the loyalty to the company’s former star; and Ryan (Kohl Sudduth), Lauren’s cause-minded lawyer husband, who is in the middle of the case of a lifetime defending a rag-tag group of animal rights activists, the PAAC 3. Ryan loves Lauren and their new baby girl in spite of the fact that Lauren can’t yet name her. He supports Lauren in whatever she wants to do, except return to HDC, as he is well aware of the physical and emotional toll it’s taken on her. As she moves closer to the company, Ryan finds himself drawn to his client, a young high-minded protestor named Sadie (Emily Fleischer). What happens to their marriage, is the ultimate price paid for the pursuit of Lauren’s dream.